Many people have had the wrong package delivered on their doorstep even though the person delivering the item thought they were in the right place. Sound familiar? Imagine if instead of delivering a package, first responders were on their way to your home. In an emergency, every second counts. One very important way you can ensure fire and other emergency personnel can reach you quickly is to have a visible address sign for them to see. This is especially important in rural areas where response times may be longer.

Below are links to the fire districts in Deschutes County that can help you with high-visibility address signs. Get in touch with your district today to help them find you in an emergency by finding your address quickly.

Alfalfa – $15 – (assisted by Deschutes Rural Fire District #2)

Cloverdale – $25 –

Crooked River Ranch – $20 –

Deschutes Rural Fire District #2/Bend – $25 –

La Pine – $20 –

Redmond – $10 –

Sisters-Camp Sherman – $20 –

Sunriver – Administered by the HOA per the adopted guidelines.  Instead of a five-digit county number, they use one or two-digit numbers.  Numbers must be lighted, 6 inches tall in a contrasting color, and posted clearly visible from the roadway.